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Miranda Stienstra; information and FAQ about thesis

Miranda Strienstra has developed 7 knowledge clips about the thesis based on frequently asked question from students. Students can watch the videos if they have questions, prior to booking a consultation hour with the thesis coordinator. The videos help students to work more independently and prepare them better for problems that might arise.

newsreader  Watch the videos from the catalogus in Mediasite

Annet te Lindert; showing real-life cases

Annet te Lindert has developed a series of videos to offer to her students as cases. She used actors to reproduce real-life cases. Students watched the videos as preparation for the lecture. The videos were combined with observation exercises for the students.

 Aswin van Ooijen; preparing students for the class

Bob van den Brand; teaching accountancy


Bob van Den Brand has been working intensively with web lectures since 2007. With his so-called i-star method he has won many (inter)national prizes and has been nominated as teacher of the year. The nominees were praised for their involvement, passion and innovative teaching methods. Read more about his projects here.

screens-apartExample knowledgeclip [5 min 43]

Piet van Midden; teaching Hebrew

Piet van Midden has enthousiastically been  using weblectures in his teaching in many different ways. Piet was one of the first users of MyMediasite. He records a clip every day and has won the “onderwijsinnovatieprijs”. More information about his project can be found here (in Dutch).

slideshow-with-video Example knowledgeclip [7 min 41]

Heman de Regt; live Q&A session for the studio


As students had requested more live Q&A session, Dr. Herman de Regt, Associate Professor at TSH, used his own course to offer students the possibility to ask questions live in the week before the exam.  As a preparation for the session an inventory of students’ question was done via the Blackboard discussion forum. Herman discussed these questions and additional live students’ questions in an one hour live session in the studio in the week before the exam.

live-webinar  More information about the project


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